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How the greenhouse effect works

How does the Greenhouse Effect work?

The greenhouse effect is essential for all life on earth. Without greenhouse gases, the earth would be too cold to be able to live on. However, over the past century, human emissions of greenhouse gases have been so great that they cause climate change.

So what is the Greenhouse Effect?

This is how it works: The Earth’s surface is heated by solar radiation. The greenhouse gases ensure that a large part of the warming rays remain in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are naturally present in the atmosphere and are necessary for us to live on earth. It works much like a greenhouse, which is why it’s called the greenhouse effect. However, human activity has contributed to the increase of certain greenhouse gases. As these gases increase, less of the sun’s heat is released back into space. This increases the greenhouse effect and the earth’s average temperature gets warmer. There are many reasons why the amount of greenhouse gases is increasing. The largest is the burning of fossil fuels.

greenhouse effect

greenhouse effect

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