Lower your emissions

The question is: What can I actually do?

Reducing your emissions and carbon offsetting them are two parallel tracks that must go hand in hand.

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The average person in the world emits around 6 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year

There is a lot of controversy about exactly how large our emissions are and how they should be calculated. What is certain is that we emit a lot more than is sustainable. Therefore, we think the most important thing is what we actually do to reduce our emissions!

To reduce our emissions and to carbon offset for what remains are two parallel tracks that must go hand in hand. To do just one or the other is not enough. We could write an endless list with all of our tips and ideas on how you can reduce your emissions, but instead we want to give five rules-of-thumb to help you think about the easiest and most effective ways reduce your emissions.

5 Rules-of-thumb

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