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Micro-scale solar energy project in India

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Quick facts

CDM Gold Standard

Carbon dioxide reduction:
8 700 tons CO2e per year

Type of project:
Solar heat that drives generators which generates electricity

Project number:
Gold Standard ID: GS4824

Price (incl. vat):
EUR 19 / CO2-equivalent

Solar energy in Bhilwara

The Bhilwara climate compensation project not only contributes to fossil-free solar energy in the Indian electricity grid, it also provides socio-economic benefits to the local people in the region.

India is a country with good conditions for solar energy with a majority of sunny days during the year. Nevertheless, most of the electricity produced in India today comes from coal power. In addition to emitting by far the most carbon dioxide of the major energy types, coal also has major negative effects on people and the local environment. In the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, a solar energy project with the capacity to produce renewable electricity of up to 9,100 MWh annually has been installed. Thanks to the fossil-free solar energy, the project prevents emissions of about 8,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Solar energy is one of the types of energy that will play a major role in converting to a green and renewable energy grid in India.

The project contributes to

  • Expansion of solar energy for pupils and schools

  • Improved school buildings

  • Gender equality, by organizing groups to help women out of poverty and to work.

  • Helping residents in the area have access to clean water

  • Toilets have been installed in the local school

  • Contributing to reduced climate impact by replacing coal power with solar power


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