Project – Godawari

Quick facts

CDM Gold Standard

Carbon dioxide reduction:
113 000 tons CO2e per year

Type of project:
Solar heat that drives generators which generates electricity

Project number:
Gold Standard ID: GS3429

Price (incl. vat):
EUR 22,5 / CO2-equivalent

In sunny Rajasthan in India, there is now a large-scale solar power plant.

Every day, fossil-free energy is produced that is used in the electricity grid. The large generators are powered by hot water that is heated by the sun. The plant is one of the first of its kind and leads the way for more large-scale solar power generation in India.

Demonstrating good large-scale and workable projects has been shown to have a major impact on others’ choice of technology. This facility has passed both the United Nation’s and Gold Standard’s tough certification requirements. In addition, the plant has many other benefits:

  • During the construction phase, almost 1,000 local people were employed.
  • Today, 169 people work at the plant, and the majority of them are from the village.
  • In addition to the climate benefits that the project contributes, a corresponding 2% of CER revenue is allocated to social projects in the project’s vicinity.
  • The project has demonstrated to other investors that large-scale solar electricity supplies safe and cost-effective electricity.
  • Local staff undergo extensive training under the direction of the electricity company.

The project contributes to

  • New jobs with good working conditions

  • Better educational opportunities

  • Sustainable and fossil-free electricity

  • Reduced air pollution

  • Social projects in the region

  • Show that large-scale solar production supplies safe and cost-effective electricity


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