Project – Sodo

Quick facts

Gold Standard & Rainforest Alliance

Carbon dioxide reduction:
189 027 tons CO2e per year

Type of project:
Replanting and protection of forests

Project number:
Gold Standard ID: GS3007

Price (incl. vat):
EUR 27,5 / ton CO2-equivalent

Through the Sodo and Humbo project, 1.2 million trees are being planted and protected.

Only  3% of Ethiopia’s natural forest remain. The advanced deforestation leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions, reduced sequestration of carbon in soil and trees, and vulnerable ecosystems.

Moreover, deforestation has damaged the Ethiopian agriculture sector, which supplies over 90 percent of the population with their livelihood, with soil erosion, flooding and drought. This means an increasingly insecure food supply and income generation for one of the world’s poorest populations.

The Gold Standard Certified Sodo and Humbo Project aims to reverse the deforestation trend and re-establish the natural forests of the region, and thereby strengthening the natural ecosystems. The project works through active participation from local communities where residents are responsible for project implementation. The profits generated by the project are reinvested in community-enhancing initiatives such as education and healthcare.

During the Sodo and Humbo project, 1.2 million trees will be established and protected. In this way, 189 027 tonnes of CO2e emissions will be reduced.

The project contributes to

  • Better farming opportunities

  • New jobs with good working conditions

  • Binding of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

  • Strengthened ecosystems

  • Promotion of social development

  • Reduced deforestation


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