Project – Sri Balaji

Quick facts

CDM – Gold Standard

Carbon dioxide reduction:
29 000 tons CO2e. per year

Type of project:

Project number:
Gold Standard ID: GS382

Price (incl. vat):
EUR 36 / ton CO2-equivalent

This powerplant uses renewable agricultural waste from the local area as fuel.

The powerplant is connected to the power grid, thus contributing green electricity to the region. Coal is the primary source of energy in the nation and the use of agricultural waste at Sri Balaji reduces CO2e-equivalent emissions by circa 29,000 tons each year.

This means that the project contributes to improved climate both locally and globally. It also means additional income for the community because Sri Balaji purchases agricultural waste from the local farmers. Sri Balaji is certified as both CDM and Gold Standard.

Greenko, which owns and operates the biomass powerplant, is also engaged in the region’s sustainable development. Among other things, Greenko has chosen to invest 400,000 Indian rupees (about 6000 USD) in a solar cell system for the Maa Amma Vodi Orphanage. This reduces the orphanage’s electricity costs, allows more of the money to go to the children, and secures the energy supply, which in turn increases the quality of the children’s education and promotes the use of sustainable energy.

The project contributes to

  • Scholarship program for students

  • Increased access to green energy

  • Improved air quality

  • Water treatment plant

  • Free medicine

  • Financing for the local community

  • Planting of about 500 trees each year

  • New school cafeteria

  • Field hospital

  • Sanitation


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